Sunday School


Our Sunday School program for children runs from 9:00 to 10:00 and is based off the DiscipleLand material and is geared for ages newborn through 5th grade.  Each level is tailored to the maturity level of its students.  We take “Being Followers – Making Followers” very seriously and make learning to follow Jesus fun and exciting.  Christianity is a great adventure and our kids learn from birth on just how exciting it can be.

(We have provided samples of class work for you to see, but you will need Adobe Reader to read them.)


Nursery:  Ages birth to 3 years old

We believe that learning should begin as soon as a child begins exploring their world.  From learning motor skills and textile  sensory inputs we begin to introduce the concept of God to our children as a part of the larger world which they are growing to know.
Nursery Sample


Preschool:  3 years old to 5 years old

The preschool age is an important age in learning and development.  Children are coming to form their base opinions on simple matter like truth, trust and responsibility.  Our Sunday School Preschool program leads our kids into exposure to the moral teachings of the Bible’s basic stories of heroes, faith, and how to interact with God.
Preschool Sample


Kindergarten:  Kindergarten and First Grade

The Kindergarten and First Grade class continues exploring the basics of faith and trust in God, learning the most basic of principles which they will need as they advance as well as later in life.  The building blocks for faith which can lead to greater understanding in the following years are laid in this class.
Kindergarten Sample


Elementary:  2nd Grade through 5th Grade

The Elementary class focuses on the core Biblical beliefs and begins the deeper training in the Scriptures.  Below is a “Core Bible Curriculum Map” which shows the goal and development of the students as they move year to year through this material.
Elementary Sample